AHHR is here to offer help to horses and horse owners who find themselves in a situation where the basic needs of the animal cannot or are not being met. We offer shelter for horses and other animals too large to be housed by the S.P.C.A and also in times of need such as war, fires or floods.

We can provide a variety of services to help you and your horse.  If you need or are interested in transportation services, companion animals, or other services, please contact us.

Community Outreach

SNickers & Zach

We enjoy meeting and spending time with members of our community by visiting elementary schools, nursing homes, church and youth groups, and other community organizations. We also work closely with the local BLAST program, where children from local schools along with their coaches come up to the barn and learn all about working with the horses. If you are interested in including us in one of your events, please contact us to schedule a visit.

911 Emergency Help

Large animal transportation and boarding can be provided. In the event a traveler is transporting large animals and the trailer or the towing vehicle is disabled, call AHHR and we will transport the animals to our rescue facility at no charge. Just dial 911 or call Norm or Pam at 570-322-3260 or Doc or Krissi at 570-326-7524.