About Us

AHHR Mission:


AHHR exists to offer help to horses and horse owners who find themselves in a situation where the basic needs of the animal cannot, or are not being met.  We offer shelter for horses and other animals too large to be housed by the S.P.C.A and also in times of need such as war, fires or floods.

Who Is AHHR?


Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt organization staffed completely by volunteers.  Our volunteers have dedicated themselves to providing refuge for abandoned, neglected, and abused equines, nurturing their physical and mental needs.  After health and stability are restored, the animal is eligible for adoption and carefully placed into a loving and caring home.

Why Does AHHR Exist?

The relationship between horse and man has been a remarkable one, based on cooperation and mutual respect.  For centuries, these intelligent and powerful animals have allowed us to put them to service as workers, means of transportation and companions.  However, sometimes this relationship goes wrong.  Due to lack of knowledge, improper training, or malicious neglect and abuse, the health and lives of these magnificent animals can be jeopardized. Their bodies and spirits are broken.  But, there is hope! AHHR helps restore these beautiful animals back to health and works to place them in a good home. If you are interested in volunteering, adopting or contributing the cause of AHHR please contact us today.

We are here to prevent animal abuse and to help rescue horses that are treated poorly and live in poor conditions.  Our goal is to give these animals a second chance by finding a new family that will care for and love these animals.