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AHHR Mission:

AHHR exists to offer help to horses and horse owners who find themselves in a situation where the basic needs of the animal cannot, or are not being met.  We offer shelter for horses and other animals too large to be housed by the S.P.C.A and also in times of need such as war, fires or floods.

Adopt An Animal Today

Sometimes when we rescue these horses, they can be part of a cruelty seizure, possibly abandoned and a lot of times they are just unwanted. We try to find out what they know, as far as whether they can be ridden or possible behavior issues. Most times we can only guess. If possible, we will list everything we can, and as part of our adoption policy, we offer a 30-day trial period for any animal you might be interested in to make sure they are a good fit to your family. Find out more about Adopting an Animal.

Animals For Adoption